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** Please note we have moved to 245 Victoria, on the 4th floor, corner of Victoria Ave and De Maisonneuve**
(A five minute walk south from where we were located 376 VicPark.)

If you have body aches, muscle tension, sleep disorders, hand and feet numbness etc......

we can help you!

Our Clinic offers a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping patients by relieving their symptoms of pain and disease, improve their health, happiness and life.

By providing traditional Chinese acupuncture and TCM therapies such as: Moxa, Cupping, Chinese Tui-Na Massage, Gua Sha, we work by improving the quality of life of our clientele through the means of a natural, affordable and successful recovery from their health issues.

Chinese acupuncture is a coherent system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy that has been developed in China over the last 2000 years. Clinical experiences have been documented, tested and handed down through time and generations.
Presently, the practice of TCM is an integration of traditional principles and method with modern knowledge for western society.

A wide variety of complaints can be addressed in one treatment. This is due to the method of syndrome differentiation and the ability of TCM to treat the root of the problem and not the branch of symptoms that it creates.

'Without health, there is no happiness' and here at Axion Clinic, our top priority is achieving health and ease in your body through natural means.

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Chinese Tui-Na Massage  


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Introduce Meridian Facial Beauty Therapy 面部拨筋美容

Facial organs to stimulate the reflection point, the activation of Qi and Blood. An incredible facial theapy that is great for people who desire to look and feel refreshed and revitalized.

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What can you expect from the treatment?

* It improves many various health issues, which may not be addressed in the west by Allopathic medicine.

* It is safe, effective and has virtually no side effects.

* It treats the whole system, not a singular problem.

* It uses the body's natural healing processes to attain relief of a sluggishness.

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This website has been created in English to serve as an information resource on traditional Chinese medicine for international readers. French speaking patients will be always be served in French at the clinic.