Most Women after enters 40 years old, between 45-55 year old, the regular has symptoms especially of the hot flash, the perspiration, and so on, these possibly are the menopause responses which because the ovarian function declines appears. More than 87.5% females the varying degree will have the above symptom approximately in the menopause, simultaneously they will mostly also be accompanied by anxious, despondent, nerve energetic aspect and so on losing sleep symptoms, in the medicine are called as the menopause syndrome.
Although numerous females for menopause institute painstakingly, but many people did not know how to choose the reasonable treatment. At present domestic and foreign often uses the hormone treatment, like estrogen substitution therapy. But the estrogen application must have the actual need and instruction, the long-term application also needs to monitor the liver and the kidney function.
The modern clinical research and the experimental study proved that acupuncture may help the nerve function, the organism self-control action through the treatment, the treatment function involves the nerve, the internal secretion, the immunity and so on multi-system.
The acupuncture therapy menopause syndrome, its biggest superiority in may act according to each person's different physical condition �dialectical to treat�. For instance some feminine Yin deficient physique, easy to present the liver positive to the menopause on high, display type of the menstruation disorder, often follows has a dizzy spell, annoyed, the intermittent fever night sweating, to lose sleep the multi-dreams and so on; But some feminine element body deficiency of yang, the kidney loses positive in warm, the mental disorder, depressed, symptom of stomach acid rising to the throat and being re-swallowed, the fatigue and the abdomen puffiness, therefore treats time uses the acupuncture point and the acupuncture method is also different, achieves truly looked that the individual case.

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