Our clinic is honored to provide the wisdom of Chinese millennium medical treatment with the help of modern technology, we offer the highest grade of licensed Acupuncturists to our clientele.


Naturopathic, A Member of Commission des Praticiens en Médecine Douce du Québec (CPMDQ).

She has over 35 years of clinical practice with her magic hands and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She has improved the lives of her patients through instant relief of symptoms. Her endless compassion, respect and understanding of her patients and their health have made her a very successful health practitioner. Based on the idea that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself, Naturopaths improve health and treat illness through manual therapy, hydrotherapy and herbal medicine.

Alexis (R.Ac)

Acupuncturist, Successfully working and interacting with people of all age range, Alexis has worked in the Clinic for almost ten years. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, empathetically treats muscular and joint pain, digestive disorders, reproductive disorders, facial rejuvenation, headache and insomnia.

Lori (R.Ac)

Acupuncturist, She has been employed by the cruise ship industry for many years: Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity etc.maintaining the position of "Top performing Acupuncturist" Annually before setting here in Montreal. Her specialties include but are not limited to: pain management, autoimmune, nerological, digestive disorders, psycho-emotional disorders and menopause. She is also teaches an ancient Qi Gong technique for stress and weight-loss.


M.A Osteopath She has studied at Academie d' Osteopathie Montreal,at Axion Clinic, she treats adults and children likewise, she treats amount other disgetive troubles, back and neck pain, hip and shoulder pain, general discomfort, breathing troubles, postural trouble, sport injuries problems Her specialties are concussions.,

Registered Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists are qualified and professionally trained, skilled in various massage techniques with knowledge of physiological anatomy, they have worked in the massage industry on an average of 7 years. Some practice deep tissue massage and others practice relaxation massage, while others use Chinese massage Tui Na. They are all members of a professional organization.


She is a certified massage therapist. She can provide many type of massage included but not limited to: Deep tissue massage. Swedish massage, Chinesse tui-na massage. Meridian facial therapy.
She has always treated her clientele holistically. In all massage, she tries to find the origin of the pain and yin yang disharmony. Muscular problems are due to either overuse or improper posture and she considers these as important aspects towards healing, thereby she always gives her patients exercises to correct their posture and advise them on lifestyle habits in order to create a holistic approach.


Proficient in Chinese Tui-Na and Deep tissue massage, she is able to treat expertly common problems of musculoskeletal such as stiff neck, frozen shoulder, back pain, sciatica, headaches, insomnia, provides treatments of Cupping and Gua Sha in combination with massage.


Specialize in Deep Tissue / Therapeutic massage and offer you customized therapy that addresses your specific health issues.She has very strong hands, and unique technic.
Deep tissue, Thai yoga massage, osteopathic approach and pregnancy massage
neck and shoulder problems, sport injury and back pain,
Relieve sciatic nerves pain
Bursitis, tendinitis (tennis elbow)
Improvement of flexibility and many more.